The new Al Maktoum International Airport project in Dubai is poised to be the largest airport in the world upon completion, featuring significant advancements in terms of size, capacity, and technology. With a total investment of approximately Dh128 billion (around $35 billion), this ambitious project aims to significantly enhance Dubai’s status as a global aviation hub.
Key features of the Al Maktoum International Airport include:

Capacity: The airport is projected to handle up to 260 million passengers annually.

Size: It will be five times the size of the current Dubai International Airport.

Infrastructure: The airport will feature 400 aircraft gates and five parallel runways, designed to accommodate the largest aircraft and streamline operations.

Sustainability: The development emphasizes sustainability, with plans to operate on renewable energy sources including solar panels.

Technological Advancements: Innovative technologies such as automated baggage systems and biometric security will be integrated to enhance passenger experience.
In addition, the project will also foster the development of an aerotropolis named Dubai South, which will include residential areas and business sectors to support the airport’s operations and contribute to Dubai’s economic growth.
The construction of this mega-project is expected to continue in phases, with the initial expansion phase planned for completion by 2030. This phase will significantly increase the airport’s capacity and is part of Dubai’s strategic vision to maintain its leadership in global aviation. Find the best airport equipment supplier companies in Dubai from UAECSD.
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