About us

The wave of technology has changed how the world operates. Construction is one of the basic building blocks that remains mostly constant and retains its esteem even after the entry of the world wide web. Uranus Trading Est. Was established in1989 with wide array of products, acting mainly as a distributing agent . A proud member of the highest class of agencies Uranus Trading Est. has put in long and hard efforts to reach the footings it enjoys today through superior quality and courteous customer relations. Our primary objective is to fully utilize the experience of our management team and to offer superior quality products and services to the developers of the broadest possible spectrum of projects, across all market sectors in the field of construction and oil, and gas supplies. Uranus trading has been able to meet these wide markets demands by providing tremendous competitive effort carried out by a wise management and co-operative skilled staff. The values and ethics Uranus Trading Est. brings to the table are simple and vital. Our primary focus and goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, which we achieve through delivery of highest quality service and prompt customer management. We have a very highly skilled and professional team who is prepared to tackle all challenges that come their way. One of the things that setsUranus Trading Est. from its competitors is the low prices we offer without at all compromising on the quality of our service. For Uranus Trading Est., no business is too large or too small, we give every single one of our clients undivided attention.