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About us

Keller is the world’s largest independent Ground Engineering Contractor, renowned for providing technically advanced and cost-effective foundation solutions. Our reputation is built on Engineering excellence and a commitment to continual innovation. Our services are used across the construction spectrum in infrastructure, industrial, commercial, residential and environmental projects. Keller’s global presence is a key advantage with regards to resources related to technical, plant and specialist staff. Knowledge sharing through our Keller Cloud connects all branches enhancing the versatility of local branches to provide appropriate ground engineering solutions to almost any situation worldwide. At Keller we like to co-create value with our clients in the early design stages of a project, by doing so we can efficiently and effectively create the best geotechnical solutions for our clients.



Deep vibro techniques present flexible solutions for ground improvement. They are mainly used under foundations of structures that are to be constructed on soils of low bearing capacity. Keller developed the depth vibrator (patented in 1934), which was originally used to compact granular soils such as sand and gravel. Today Keller improves a variety of granular and cohesive soils employing a wide range of depth vibrator models and techniques.


Anchors, nails and minipiles can provide temporary or permanent solutions for a wide range of stability or support problems and are often used to underpin or stabilise buildings, slopes and embankments.


Piling involves the installation of structural elements to transfer foundation loads through weak soils to stronger underlying ground. Keller offers a wide range of piling and retention systems, three of which are shown below. Piles may be preformed and driven into the ground or cast in situ. Keller has installed piles underpinning many major buildings and civil engineering projects in the Middle East.


Specialty grouting strengthens target areas in the ground and controls ground water flow through rocks and soils by reducing their permeability. Grouting is applicable to both new construction projects and to repair and maintenance work. Other applications include excavation support, settlement control and geo-environmental services such as diaphragm (slurry) walls to protect adjacent ground from contamination.