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As a leading general contractor in U.A.E, Giti Construction has been providing construction services to a long list of new and repeat clients for decades. Giti construction also provides pre-construction services and has acted as a key member on many recent public-private partnership projects. Reflecting its broad scope, Giti’s clients include leading firms in the commercial, institutional, retail, multi-tenant residential, industrial, water and wastewater, energy and civil sectors. Giti Construction was reborn in 2004 after it’s seperating from Gargash Construction since 1997. Our company provides a wide range of construction services from the construction of a new shopping mall to a renovation of your house. The team includes dozens of interior and exterior designers, architects, builders, engineers and other specialists that help us to make your dream come true. So don’t be shy to join our most friendly customer family. It combined thousands of clients all over the U.A.E. with different goals that we implemented into reality.


Construction Consultant

Professional construction project management is essential for facilitating and directing the entire process to achieve ideal results. As you may know, the construction planning process has always been far from perfect… In the past, project schedules were unrealistically optimistic… That resulted in an average of 45% of work promised in a week actually being completed at a later date than its deadline dictated. This kind of protraction left subcontractors waiting for the previous task to be completed, even before the next stage of work could have proceeded further… To fix that issue, our construction bureau has implemented the Pull Planning process, coordinated with the trade contractors on a weekly basis. Pull Planning method estimates the scheduling in reverse. While fixing a required end date, we obtain the critical dates and input from trade contractors. Then a general schedule is being sketched on a large project board. Different types of tasks, like daily and weekly tasks are color-coded and maintained for overall progress.The info obtained from all trade contractors combined allows us to schedule the project on a much more detailed level while maintaining a critical completion date.


Reconstruction Services

Our experience and understanding of using the proper combination of restoration and reconstruction work required can mean significant claims savings. As the only full services insurance restoration network that offers reconstruction services, we reduce the number of providers involved in the claim or loss process. Policy holders are delighted to work with a single contractor for their project, resulting in measurably higher levels of customer satisfaction.

General Contracting

We have a long list of professional contractors, whom our engineers and architects enjoy to work with on a majority of our projects! Throughout our years in business, we’ve accumulated a strong expertise both in managing and completing any type of a construction, as well as in choosing the right vendors and sub-contractors… We understand how vital it is to coordinate the project in a timely, cost-efficient way. As of now we’ve already dealt with numerous mid and large scale constructions, so we’ve mastered the art of minimizing the extra expenses, completing each project’s stage on schedule and implementing a live project intact with both original engineering solutions and the client’s initial vision…

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