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General Mechanics Company (Public Joint Stock Company) started its activity in 1333. Scope of activity of the company in all fields of construction, including heavy buildings, infrastructure works, construction of dams, water transmission lines, breakwater and pier construction, construction of urban and suburban roads including freeways, long tunnels, bridges and infrastructure and pavement Rail, construction of tall buildings, settlements, railway stations and airport terminals, special buildings including stadiums and industrial structures, specialized water and wastewater treatment plants, downstream and upstream oil and petrochemical fields can be named.
At present, the company has more than six decades of continuous civil engineering experience in the country and in the international arena. Employees also mentioned prioritizing service quality over other matters. Extent of work has increased the company’s specialized capacity and with a project-oriented management perspective, as well as proper planning according to the appropriate strategy of the company’s senior management has increased the efficiency and efficiency of equipping the company’s fleet and machinery in all areas including human resources, equipment and finance. It has been stated that the goal setting of the company along with the motivation to work with modern engineering methods and the appropriate quality and quantity of work under construction in a minimum of time will lead to reliability and a clear attitude towards the developing horizons of the company.