About us

Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. specializes in the execution of diverse kinds of building, civil, carpentry, Steel structure and electro-mechanical works. The company presently employs, on permanent bases, over 250 highly qualified and experienced technical Staff (engineers and foremen) and over 150 skilled Administrative personnel, 500 technicians & operators together with over 3,500 skilled and unskilled labor force equipped to handle specialized projects in a prompt, organize and efficient manner. Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. has contributed to the Development of the emirates by constructing prominent Governmental buildings, major ministry of defense Projects, houses, multistoried apartment and office buildings, hotels, factories, workshops, educational buildings, warehouses, commercial centers and Showrooms, sport stadiums, swimming pools, etc. Capriole is the local representative for the ECAM (Earth Covered Ammunition Magazines) buildings. ECAM building is a special building that is used as ammunition store. ECAM system is an approved system from UAE Armed Forces. Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. to date has successfully executed projects to the tune of over one billion Dirham, and is presently involved in the execution of Prestigious multimillion dirham projects in the heart of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al-ain cities. Being adopted by: Unity Contracting Company –UNCO (Hamerain Group), one of the biggest and oldest groups of contracting companies, Capriole Construction Company has developed extensive experience in most Construction field.


Construction and delivery are tasks that can be easily handled by a numerous number of engineering professionals, but when it comes to major projects, involving huge investment and time constraints, only experts can take command. CAPRIOLE provides answers for all possible questions in the area of building construction. Extending beyond the traditional turn-key concept, capriole handles the project from day zero, detailed plans are developed that secure optimum resource allocation, pressure-free cash flows and flexible time-performance lines. Whilst being experts in the contracting field CAPRIOLE maintains a controlling command on the project through periodic performance indicators and a variety of preventive and correctional measures throughout the project implementation. Such world class models are closely monitored by CAPRIOLE technical staff and their rich history in successful engineering and construction projects. Capriole advantage also lies in its ability to bring solutions to the client’s requirements in all phases of project planning and execution. CAPRIOLE offers full contracting services and has the flexibility to assist the client by securing additional expertise for feasibility studies, preliminary designs, financing opportunities and joint venture partners for optimum project delivery.


In The Steel Structure Field CAPRIOLE Focus On Meeting The Needs Of Our Customers For Durable, Affordable And Versatile Steel Structures. After Many Years In Business, Our Customers Remain Our First Priority. Every Building That We Build And Deliver Is Created With The Satisfaction Of The Future Occupants And Owners In Mind. Our Experience In The Steel Building Of All Types Allows Us To Handle Any Type Of Steel Structure Projects Including Buildings, Warehouses, Silos, Etc.


The Mechanical & Electrical division (M&E) has been a forerunner in the field of electromechanical contracting in the UAE. The Division offers a wide range of services such as design, supply and installation of Air conditioning, Electrical, Sanitary, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Elevators and BMS System etc. Fully computerized design facilities coupled with advanced technical and engineering skills, M&E have carried out environmental control for number of prestigious buildings both commercial and residential, universities, airports, communication and industrial projects. M&E has capacity and capability to handle projects of any magnitude and stand on commitments towards satisfying client’s requirements.


Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. is the sole agent of the Earth Covered Ammunition/Explosives Magazine (ECAM) in UAE which has been designed as per Design codes of the United States Department of Defence 6055.9 DOD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standard (August 21, 2009) & specifications of the COMMAND OF MILITARY WORKS – UAE ARMED FORCES. ECAM system has been approved by the UAE military forces (C.M.W) and hence many projects have been awarded to Capriole as nominated supplier and erector of the system.