About us

Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. specializes in the execution of diverse kinds of building, civil, carpentry, Steel structure and electro-mechanical works. The company presently employs, on permanent bases, over 250 highly qualified and experienced technical Staff (engineers and foremen) and over 150 skilled Administrative personnel, 500 technicians & operators together with over 3,500 skilled and unskilled labor force equipped to handle specialized projects in a prompt, organize and efficient manner. Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. has contributed to the Development of the emirates by constructing prominent Governmental buildings, major ministry of defense Projects, houses, multistoried apartment and office buildings, hotels, factories, workshops, educational buildings, warehouses, commercial centers and Showrooms, sport stadiums, swimming pools, etc. Capriole is the local representative for the ECAM (Earth Covered Ammunition Magazines) buildings. ECAM building is a special building that is used as ammunition store. ECAM system is an approved system from UAE Armed Forces. Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. to date has successfully executed projects to the tune of over one billion Dirham, and is presently involved in the execution of Prestigious multimillion dirham projects in the heart of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al-ain cities. Being adopted by: Unity Contracting Company –UNCO (Hamerain Group), one of the biggest and oldest groups of contracting companies, Capriole Construction Company has developed extensive experience in most Construction field.