About us

BPC Group was first established in 1977 as a joint venture company between the Haji Hassan Group, Bahrain, and NTR Holding A/S (previously known as Rasmussen and Schiotz Holting A/S), Denmark. It was fully acquired by Haji Hassan Group in early 2006 to be added as a division of this conglomerate of manufacturing and trading companies. The company was established with the purpose of manufacturing and supplying all types of Precast concrete components which includes, but is not limited to, Facade Elements, Precast Hollowcore Slabs and Glass Reinforced Concrete. Following its success in Bahrain, the company later built operations in Dubai (1993), Abu Dhabi (2002), and Qatar (2002). Due to its high quality standards and capabilities, BPC Group has been a major supplier of Precast concrete in Gulf and has continued to develop through the years and remains the largest Precast concrete supplier in this region. From the beginning of the company’s operation, BPC Group worked closely together with the local authorities to establish a high standard of Precast concrete quality, not least the quality standards required by the government sector with respect to Pre-stressed Hollowcore slabs. BPC Group’s quality control and standard procedures have been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate covering design, manufacture and erection of the company’s Precast components.


In Addition To Hollowcore Slabs, Wall Panels, Boundary Walls, Staircases, Beams And Columns, BPC Group Also Manufactures Following Precast Elements Such As Car Parks, Architectural Elements, Building Systems.


Hollowcore Slabs Are Prestressed Elements Cast With Advanced Extrusion Technique. Cores Are Made In The Thickness Running Along The Length With Special Steel Tubes. The Slabs Are Manufactured In 150, 200, 240, 265, 320, 400 And 500 Mm Thick Elements As Standard Products. Slabs With Other Thicknesses May Be Designed And Supplied. The Standard Width Of The Slabs Is 1200 Mm. Slabs With Narrower Width Can Be Provided Based On Design Requirements. The Length Of Hollowcore Slabs Is Fabricated To Span Up To Approximately 21 Meters Dependent Upon The Loading Conditions.

Hollowcore Slabs Are Prestressed Concrete Slabs Of Varying Lengths And Thicknesses.

Hollowcore Slabs Are Lighter By 40-50% Than The Conventional Reinforced Concrete Slabs Of The Same Dimensions. It Is Calculated And Found That Lot Of Concrete In The Slab Is Extra And Just Adding To The Weight Of The Element.  In Hollowcore Slabs This Extra Weight Is Removed From The Slabs By Making Cores. Reduced Weight Of The Slabs Results In Considerable Overall Savings In Construction Costs. With The Reduced Slab Weight, The Structural Frame Can Be Constructed Lighter. The Reduced Combined Weight Of The Frame And Flooring Leads To Reduced Dimensions Of The Foundations.

In Addition To The Saving In Cost Of The Structures, Additional Saving Is Achieved In Time. While Supporting Elements I.E. Beams Or Walls Are Beings Constructed, Hollowcore Slabs Can Be Fabricated Separately And Fitted When The Structure Is Ready. This Results In Considerable Saving In Construction Time And Costs.


Precast Concrete Panels Have Been Widely Used All Over The World Since The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century, And Over The Past Decade The Development Of More Complex Architectural Design Have Rapidly Increased The Use Of Precast Concrete Panels.

Most Buildings Are Suitable For Construction In Precast Concrete, Whether Precast Panels Are Used As Architectural Cladding Panels Or As Load Bearing Panels Depends On The Building Type.

Precast Panels Are Used In High-Rise Buildings, Villas, Commercial And Office Buildings As Well As Industrial Buildings, Where The Emphasis Of The Structure Is On Prestige And Aesthetic Appeal, Or Where Economy And Durability Are Of Importance.


BPC Group Boundary Wall System Is A Total Precast Solution That Utilizes Modern Precast Concrete Technology. The System Offers A High Quality Product Together With Flexibility In Terms Of Design Features, Colours, Surfaces And Shapes.

As Boundary Walls Are Widely Used In The Gulf Region To Define The Plot Limit And To Give Privacy To The Villas, Offices, Factories, Farms Etc., Decorative Features Such As Logos, Screens And Other Contemporary Designs Can Be Built Into The Boundary Walls To Suit The Need And Taste Required For Individual Project.

The System Also Provides Almost No Maintenance Cost As Most Of Our Precast Surfaces Require Only A Wash With Water To Retain Their Attractiveness.


Planning And Designing Construction Projects Are About Thinking Ahead.  Future Flexibility Is Becoming More Important In The Planning Of Structures For The Service And Production Industries, Storehouses Or Office Buildings.  Buildings Must Be Easy To Alter In Order To Meet New Requirements And Changing Market Conditions.  A Superstructure Of Precast Beams And Columns Offers Exactly These Possibilities.

BPC Group Has A Long Range Of Standardized Beams Using Both Normal Reinforcement And Prestressed Reinforcement.  Our Standard Cross Sections Include IB-Beams, RB-Beams, LB-Beams, ITB-Beams And Special Flat Beams FB-Beams.  In All Types It Is Possible To Provide Exposed Reinforcement For Composite Structure.  We Also Produce Standard Rectangular Columns, RC And Circular Columns, CC.

 Only Few Companies In This Region Possess The Necessary Engineering Skills, Experience And Resources To Supply These Products With The Constant High Level Of Quality And In A Reliable And Professional Manner Essential In All Modern Building Structure.

Our Experienced Engineers In Design As Well As In Sales And Production Combined With The Use Of “State Of Art” Production Technology Ensures That These High Standards Are Not Compromised.

Whether You Select A Product From Our Standard Range Or Your Project Requires A Different Custom-Made Solution Our Experienced Staff Of Engineers Is Always At Your Service To Assist And Advise You.


Using BPC Group’s Precast Concrete Flights And Landings Is By Far The Most Efficient And Professional Method Of Building Staircases In Today’s Modern Method Of Construction.

Stair Flights And Landings Are Produced In The Factory In Controlled Conditions In Special Mould Designed And Fabricated For This Purpose. While The Staircases Are Being Produced, Site Construction Work Can Be Done To Prepare The Building To Receive Them Thus Saving Time And Money.