About us

Belhasa Projects LLC is many things to many people; what remains constant is our commitment to providing the right solution for the right requirements. For over 30 years, we have been committed to changing the face of the region, and pride our success as a small contribution to the phenomenon of the transformation of the United Arab Emirates. Our projects are as diverse as our clients demands; from designing outdoor landscapes of all shapes and sizes (Residential), building the worlds largest aquarium (Commercial), to providing support and expertise to some of Dubai’s largest construction projects (Infrastructure), our experience and commitment to expansion knows no bounds. With a family of over 2000 members, we are committed to understanding your requirements, providing the best solutions, and most importantly… getting the job done right.


At Belhasa Projects – Residential, We Are Here To Guide Your Dreams Into Reality And Transform Ordinary Properties Into Majestic And Tranquil Outdoor Recreation Areas. We Understand That One Size Does Not Fit All, And Offer Solutions To Fit All Budgets. Whether You’re Looking To Improve Your Property With Pools, Hard & Soft Landscaping, Recreational Facilities Or Anything Else You Can Imagine, We Are Experienced In Providing The Highest Quality And Affordable Property Transformations. With Our Maintenance And Trading Services, We Will Be There To Ensure Your Property Is Pristine Well Into The Future. Our Process Begins With Getting An Intimate Sense Of Your Property, Allowing Our Design Department To Help Illustrate And Mold A Vision To Suit Your Tastes And Budget. And With Over 30 Years Experience On Projects Of All Desires, We Have Accumulated Numerous Awards For Our Continued Excellence And Reliability To Our Valued Clients.


At Belhasa Projects Commercial, We Are Here To Support Your Business By Being A Reliable Partner In The Design, Construction, Maintenance, And Product Procurement For Your Outdoor Facilities. We Know That One Size Does Not Fit All, And Are Able To Provide Solutions That Meet Your Specific Budgetary Requirements. We Are Skilled And Experienced, With Full Manpower And Capabilities To Carry Out All Components From Design, To Construction, To The Eventual Maintenance Of Your Property, And Most Importantly To Provide Efficiency And Transparency To Meeting The Required Deadlines. With Our Professional Approach And Over 30 Years Experience, We Have Won Numerous Awards For Our Efforts, And Have Contributed To Some Of The UAE’s Most Iconic Properties.


At Belhasa Projects – Infrastructure, We Are Privileged To Have Established Relationships With Major Governmental And Private Organizations, Working Together To Help The Region Expand In The 21st Century. With More Than 30 Years Experience In Our Specialized Fields, We Have Fully Trained And Experienced Manpower Capable Of Carrying Out Complex Requirements. Our Commitment To Excellence Allows Us To Extend A Level Of Trust And Quality Assurance For All Our Valued Relationships And Project Commitments.